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Knowledge is key to success

In order to solve Gaming Disorder as a global health challenge for the youth in education and enable people to get the most out of gaming during their studies, it’s crucial to understand the risks and problem itself, how it develops, how it affects young individuals in school today, and how risks relating to gaming can be mitigated to ensure gaming can be something which enhances the lives of young individuals rather than becoming a liability in the life of students & their families.

This starts by deployment of knowledge relating to Gaming Disorder and other health-related risks for the youth in education today, and we are here to help.

Deployment through educators

We firmly believe that educators both in the public and private sector plays a key role in deploying qualitative knowledge about Gaming Disorder. 

We pledge our full support to organizations & others interested in increasing the knowledge about Gaming Disorder in a way that highlights both the risks and the advantages with gaming to equip people with the knowledge necessary to get the most out of gaming without facing any health issues. 

For students in need of help

We envision every school equipped with adequate knowledge about Gaming Disorder and that school staff have the capacity to support students facing issues relating to Gaming Disorder, or other challenges in school caused by their video gaming habits and help them forward. 

If your school does not have the adequate knowledge or expertise to support students facing these challenges, please reach out immediately.