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Invest in student health & well-being today.

Gaming is an important part of life of students & young adults today.

Let’s safeguard their health & well-being both online and offline to ensure each student and young adult can get the most out of gaming without 
having to face issues with their education as a result of excessive gaming.  

Schools, families & students deserves all the best

With the help of HealthyGaming and our solution for schools and universities, you will be able to offer vital support for both students suffering from Gaming Disorder & other mental health challenges as a result of problematic gaming or online environments, as well as parents in need of your help. 

Our tailor-made services to serve your needs includes the following: 

Educational Workshops

Workshops & education for educators and staff in student health which teaches about Gaming Disorder, prevention & intervention strategies.​


Personalized treatment programs (digital or in-person) by our team of exceptional psychologists to help students overcome their challenges.

Parental Support

Dedicated sessions, workshops and resources offering guidance & support to parents navigating their children's challenges with problematic gaming.

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In order to solve Gaming Disorder as a global health challenge for the youth in education and enable people to get the most out of gaming during their studies, it’s crucial to understand the risks and problem itself, how it develops, how it affects young individuals in education today, and how risks relating to gaming can be mitigated to ensure gaming can be something which enhances the lives of young individuals rather than becoming a liability in the life of students & their families.

We are here to help.

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