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About the HealthyGaming Digital Treatment Program

Become Psychologically Flexible is an evidence-based Digital Treatment Program containing a total of 11 modules built upon the framework of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Applied Psychology and gaming-related input tailor-made to help treat Gaming Disorder and improve the well-being of gamers. 

By completing the modules and exercises in this Program alone, or together with a licensed psychologist, the user will develop the skills needed to efficiently handle and overcome challenges in life, and learn to successfully maintain a healthy balance between their video gaming habits and other aspects of life.   

0 million gamers
Prevalence of Gaming Disorder in 2023

Out of these gamers, a majority also face the following issues…

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We help these gamers successfully overcome these issues and balance their everyday health & video gaming habits.

HealthyGaming-Balanced Gaming

Value Propositions - What's to be gained?

Direct Path

A clear & direct path helping the user achieve improved health & video gaming habits.

Emotional Control

Improved ability to successfully control ones emotions related to gaming & in general.

Overcoming Challenges

The ability to identify, tackle and overcome emotional challenges in life and gaming.

Work towards your goals

The capacity to set, work towards, and accomplish ones goals related to gaming and life.

Psychological Flexibility

Expertise to protect oneself from fluctuating emotional demands and adapt accordingly.

Gaming Knowledge

Knowledge how to successfully get the most out of gaming without harming other aspects of life.

Why it works

Completed Internal Trials

Internal trials was completed with more than 90% of users who completed the program seeing a positive change to their video gaming habits and a minimum of at least one or more aspects of the PERMA model metrics.

Successful External Trial & Validation

Svea KBT, a licensed healthcare provider in Sweden under supervision of The Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) validated its quality and adopted the Swedish translation into their treatment for Gaming Disorder.

As this program works in a hybrid treatment context combining in-person or remote psychologist appointments with
digital treatment, this lowers the average number of treatment sessions from 11-16 down to just 5-6 sessions/person.