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Supporting gamers in achieving excellent health & well-being through an evidence-based approach

We have developed a Program treating Gaming Disorder and specific triggers of Gaming Disorder such as stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges gamers face today.

Become Psychologically Flexible

A direct path to improved
meaning & well-being

Improved ability to successfully control ones emotions

The ability to identify, tackle & overcome emotional challenges

Stake out & work efficiently towards achieving ones' goals

Learn to protect oneself from fluctuating demands & adapt

Gain the knowledge & expertise to get the most out of gaming

HealthyGaming x Svea KBT
The Hybrid Swedish Treatment Model

A partnership between HealthyGaming & Svea KBT to advance the treatment of Gaming Disorder in Sweden through a personalized evidence-based treatment approach combining in-person & digital treatment.

Improving the gaming industry - One initiative at a time

Apart from serving the wellbeing of gamers through our own existing projects, we also work with strategic partnerships to create 
commercially viable and impactful projects resulting in measurable positive impact and healthy returns for those we serve.

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