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Supporting gamers in achieving excellent health & well-being through psychological flexibility

We have developed a Program for gamers to achieve improved health, meaning & well-being.

Become Psychologically Flexible

A direct path to improved
meaning & well-being

Improved ability to successfully control ones emotions

The ability to identify, tackle & overcome emotional challenges

Stake out & work efficiently towards achieving ones' goals

Learn to protect oneself from fluctuating demands & adapt

Gain the knowledge & expertise to get the most out of gaming

HealthyGaming x Svea KBT
The Hybrid Swedish Treatment Model

A partnership between HealthyGaming & Svea KBT to advance the treatment of Gaming Disorder in Sweden through a personalized evidence-based treatment approach combining in-person & digital treatment.

Improving the gaming industry - One initiative at a time

Apart from serving the wellbeing of gamers through our own products, we also work with strategic partnerships in to create a positive impact in multiple ways for those we serve.

Interested in collaborating on a project, or working together to create a positive impact either on the lives of gamers, or on others by using the advantages of gaming?