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HealthyGaming background

In 2018, we set out on a journey to begin researching how to solve an issue each member of our team experienced in the past: 
Excessive, problematic gaming & video game addiction, also known as “Gaming Disorder”.

It all started sooner than this though...

The traumatic event

The initial Founder's Family Loss

In 2010, Christoffer Johansson lost his mother to leukemia and turned to video games as an escape from reality.


The following years

A long depression

Following this traumatic event, Christoffer fell into depression and prioritized gaming above everything else, including his own health, well-being and relationships over a very long period of time.


New Office, CA

The peak in Gaming was reached

Most #1 scores in the world

On September 20, 2015, Christoffer achieved the most #1 scores in the world in a rhythm game called osu!, though he reached this point at the expense of his own health & well-being, still prioritizing gaming above his health and well-being.

September 20, 2015

The turnaround for better...

A change of habits

In summer 2016, Christoffer managed with a bit of luck to turn around his excessive gaming habits on his own by making changes to the environment around him. He went on his first backpacking trip and developed a travel interest, which was also how he started meeting others who had faced similar challenges in the past as well, leading to the eventual embarkment on the HealthyGaming journey.

Summer 2016

Each person in the team have experienced Gaming Disorder and its effects in one way or another without access to adequate support.

This creates a special understanding within the HealthyGaming team to help both those currently experiencing challenges with problematic gaming and their loved ones, and the next generation of gamers to ensure everyone can get the most out of their gaming without having to face any health-related challenges.